Charneice Fox: Woman of All Trades

Charneice Fox: Woman of All Trades

“Your talent doesn’t have to be limited to
one medium.”

Charneice Fox has many titles: screenwriter, playwright, published poet, children’s book author, and director of film and theater. This is no surprise when you are the goddaughter of the prolific poet and activist, Gil Scott-Heron.

A mother of five who cares deeply about her community and inspiring young people, Charneice’s work has been featured on CNN, BET, and NPR. In 2018 she wrote and directed her first-feature film, Love Dot Com (LDC), executive produced by Soulidifly Productions. It’s a relatable and humorous love story, told through the female lens. Love Dot Com isn’t afraid to touch on pressing issues that affect inner-city communities like gentrification, food deserts, and healthy eating. These issues are rarely talked about on film. LDC captures these serious issues with entertaining wit on the foibles of today’s dating scene online and off.

In an interview with Shadow and Act, Charneice reflects on her career and where she wants to go as a filmmaker:

“…I ultimately want to be in a writers’ room. I would like to produce another documentary focusing on the history of black coal miners (my family is from West Virginia). I would also like to direct another feature film and finish up my MFA in creative writing.”

Currently, she is producing a web series with a collective of DC-based artists titled, CAPACITY. The series centers around the idea of “how humans manage the capacity to love one another.”

Charneice continues her advocacy for healthy eating with her new children’s cookbook series, Taste Buddies. The first book in the series, The Bread Monster, follows the quirky adventures of Nigel. Disappointed that he can’t go on a trip with his dad and brother due to him being short, Nigel has a fanciful plan involving dough to make up for this shortcoming. Charneice believes The Bread Monster’s lessons surrounding family, food and self-acceptance can be appreciated by the whole family.

You can order The Bread Monster here. To learn more about Charneice Fox, you can visit her website: and follow her on Instagram @crichfox and @lovedotcomthemovie.