AirOn: Face Masks Meet Smart Tech

AirOn: Face Masks Meet Smart Tech

From left: Kadeem Joseph, Diallo Sambury, Alim Williams, Shane Garraway, Ramon Parchment. Photo by Nicole Coard.

“Innovate above and beyond.”

AirOn was created by five friends who met at NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering. Alim Williams, Diallo Sambury, Kadeem Joseph, Ramon Parchment, and Shane Garraway came together to find a solution to create face masks that can protect against harmful bacteria in the air.

Based in Brooklyn, the company specializes in high-end Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). “We bring a level of creativity and ingenuity that transforms the way communities feel about PPE,” co-founder Ramon Parchment explains. “Our products represent the next generation of wearable PPE technology (PPE 2.0).”

The company’s AirFusion Mask is a breathable filtered mask that uses smart technology to allow the user to breathe fresh air. The mask includes an N95 filter and a rechargeable turbine system that moves exhausted air from the nose and mouth. The mask can be adjusted for comfort. “Our masks are worn by a wide variety of users, including fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, and your everyday commuter looking for that extra added comfort when wearing a premium face mask for a long time,” Ramon says.

The AirFusion Mask is a breathable filtered mask that uses smart technology to allow the user to breathe fresh air. Photo by Samantha Marie.

In addition to the AirFusion Mask, AirOn will offer the AirOn Face Mask, currently in development. The front of the mask is transparent, so people can see your facial expression. It is an innovative fix to a common concern with masks on the market. “This product is intended for individuals returning to an office setting where your everyday face mask inhibits your smile,” Ramon says.

Other projects in the works: a wearable air cleaner and a new iteration of the AirFusion Mask. The device would be worn around the neck. “Think, walking into cigarette smoke and watching the smoke move away from you as you walk,” Ramon says. “You wouldn’t even be able to smell it.” Ramon says the device works as an ionizer that effectively moves common pollutants away from the device wearer. The new iteration of the AirFusion mask is called Project Aurora which Ramon says will implement AirOn’s futuristic concepts and will compete with the Xupermask by and Project Hazel by Razor. The issue of breathable air is a global phenomenon and people will still wear masks long after the current pandemic. The inventors of AirOn are preparing for the future.

To learn more about Airon and their products, visit their website.