Avery Cheatham-Banks: Caring for Self

Avery Cheatham-Banks: Caring for Self

Avery Cheatham-Banks stops to smell the flowers. Photo by Clara Rose Photography.

“Embrace your transition and growth.” 

Avery Cheatham-Banks is an emerging influencer and clean life guru. The Richmond native, who now works out of her home in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland, shares beauty and lifestyle tips through her brand The Boheaux. The Boheaux is a “cleanish/greenish” beauty and lifestyle passion project, blog, and Instagram page. “I’ve always been a skincare fanatic, and in the past 10 years or so, I have taken my interests to adopt a holistic lifestyle and use cleaner ingredients on my skin and in my everyday life,” she says.

Avery Cheatham-Banks tries out a natural face serum by vegan skincare line by Meow Meow Tweet. Photo courtesy of Avery Cheatham-Banks.

After working as a luxury retail manager for years and getting laid off from her job at a real estate startup, Avery had an idea. “When I was suddenly homebound, I refocused my energy on resurrecting my Instagram page,” she explains. “I decided in May to put my pen to paper and create a brand that focuses on leading a less toxic, sustainable lifestyle. I’ve gotten to meet so many amazing people and brands while curating The Boheaux.” The Boheaux includes Avery reviewing and sharing her favorite clean beauty products and creating homemade skincare treatments. Avery has also exposed her audience to “mindful movement,” exercises that encourage individuals to be more in tune with what their body is feeling. In less than 3 months, The Boheaux has found success in the clean lifestyle space. Beauty publication Byrdie recently featured Avery’s DIY hair mask, and brands like Acure and Mountain Rose Herbs have featured The Boheaux on their feeds.

Avery Cheatham-Banks makes a homemade facial steam in the garden with her dog, Loki. Photo by Clara Rose Photography.  

Right now, Avery is laying the groundwork to open her own Boheaux vintage e-shop. “In my quest for sustainability, I’ve taken to thrifting and antiquing for housewares and clothing,” she says. “I get excited about finding treasures with a past life, and it’s a dream of mine to curate a Boheaux-approved clothing collection and second-hand housewares for my audience to shop.” Avery is on her way to being a voice of influence in the self-care space.

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