Editor's Note

BK Fulton

BK Fulton

Photo by Jessica Knox Photography

January 2020

Thoughts come before things.”

Welcome back for another year of SoulVision Magazine. We kick off 2020 with the amazing story of Christy Coleman, incoming leader of the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation and former leader of the American Civil War Museum. Christy was named one of the “31 people changing the South” by Time magazine. She is a pioneer and reminds us of the irony that “history is about how we are living in the present.”

As we were putting together this issue, I was reminded of what I had to let go in order to be where I am today. Before this uplift I had to go through the process of an upshift. My habits, friends, actions and faith all had to change for the best me to become what God intended for me to be. I AM grateful for my journey.

As we begin another fruitful year, it is important that we give our youth a fighting chance. If they don’t learn, we did not teach. Thoughts come before things. Assemble the youth and show them how to turn their dreams and ideas into their tangible equivalents. We are the way. Become the change you seek …. one race: humans. One reason: LOVE.

If [our children] don’t learn, we did not teach.