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BK Fulton

BK Fulton

Photo courtesy of BK Fulton

July 2021

“It’s always been about the vote. Be sure to make yours matter.”

Juneteenth is now officially a US Holiday! I’m happy about that, but it’s not enough. The assault on our voting rights is real. Congress did not enact the law that would make the most difference for all Americans. Republicans at the national and state levels are working 24/7 to minimize the impact of voters who they don’t think will support them. Super-partisan politics is a plague that we have to fight with what is right. Honoring the right to vote for all citizens should be a simple thing. However, trampling on the rights of others has been a consistent refrain in the American experiment. The best people in our nation must work diligently to keep the pressure on Congress and our State leaders. It’s always been about the vote. Be sure to make yours matter.

In this issue, we talk to the phenomenal Hill Harper about his career and his Black Wall Street project. You’ll be amazed by his family legacy and the way he is paying it forward. Mike Jones brings image magic with his stunning photography. Steve Glenn, DeShon Hardy, and Khadijah Smith remind us of the power of sharing our knowledge and talents with those from our neighborhoods. Our community feature highlights the Underground Kitchen’s “UGK Community First” program, which addresses food insecurity in the Richmond Metro Region and Petersburg areas of Virginia. In our Legends section, we honor the great Sydney Poitier and chef Steve Glenn brings the heat with a fantastic new recipe. You get a new look when you have SoulVision.

BK Fulton collaborated with the Black-Jewish Entertainment Alliance to celebrate Juneteenth, our latest federal holiday. BK speaks briefly about what the holiday means to him. Watch below. 

“Honoring the right to vote for all citizens should be a simple thing.”

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