Editor's Note

BK Fulton

BK Fulton

Photo by Jessica Knox Photography

October 2019

“It’s always the right time to be kind . . . .”

Recently, I was moved almost to tears as I read about a little boy who loved the University of Tennessee/UT so much that he drew a design of the school’s logo on paper and pinned it to his shirt for “College Colors Day” at his elementary school. He was teased by some students who did not even participate in the school pride day. His excitement was crushed and he went home to his mom in tears. A teacher decided to post the ordeal on social media. Supportive notes of love and UT pride started coming in from all over. The University also sent him a care package and decided to make his shirt an official selection at the VolShop—their store for ordering UT gear. Pre-orders for the shirt crashed the VolShop commerce site with some 50,000 orders and counting. Some of the proceeds for the sale of the young man’s “U.T.” shirt will go to an anti-bullying foundation. Further, UT has offered the young man a scholarship in 2032!

I am convinced that if we can teach hate and meanness, we can teach love and kindness. In this special issue of SoulVision Magazine, we try out a new cover story format and focus on creators who love what they do so much that they have become new innovators in old spaces. We even take the covers off the creative souls working to deliver Soulidifly Productions (creators of SoulVision Magazine and SoulVision.TV). Enjoy . . . and don’t forget to choose kindness and love. You get a new look when you have SoulVision.

“If we can teach hate and meanness, we can teach love and kindness.”