Dr. Tiffany Jana: Diversity Innovator

Dr. Tiffany Jana: Diversity Innovator

Photos by Rashad Hawkins

“There is power in diversity.” 

Dr. Tiffany Jana is the person companies call upon to teach diversity to their current workforce. Although born in Texas, near the border of Mexico, Dr. Jana grew up between Germany and New York. “I speak Spanish and German,” Dr. Jana explains. Growing up around the cultures of New York and Germany, Dr. Jana learned how to be very direct and purposeful in life.

Dr. Jana identifies as a diversity innovator, awareness artist, pleasure activist, and regenerative culture creator. “I liberate hearts and minds with joy, art, and logic,” Dr. Jana says. Dr. Jana’s company, TMI Consulting Inc., the first diversity-focused B Corporation of its kind.

Dr. Jana and TMI’s latest creation,, is a software service platform that measures, maps, and improves organizational culture using digital technology. Loom has been 10 years in the making. “We are using technology and data analytics to calculate diversity’s return on investment (ROI) and accountability in a historically unprecedented manner,” Dr. Jana says.

Recently, Dr. Jana co-authored Subtle Acts of Exclusion with Michael Baran. The book speaks on office microaggressions that can contribute to a hostile work environment for minorities. Readers will gain practical advice to prevent and address the issue of microaggressions in the workplace. Forbes recently recognized two of Dr. Jana’s books in a recent article on must-read books about inclusivity.

“I liberate hearts and minds with joy, art, and logic.”

Dr. Jana has published five books that include three best sellers. Dr. Jana’s books mostly fall under the social sciences, but now Dr. Jana is pivoting into the graphic novel space. The upcoming graphic novel series will tackle racism, justice, equity, and inclusion from an Afrofuturism perspective. Dr. Jana says the first book is done and is currently looking for a publisher and distributor. As Dr. Jana sees it, we are better and stronger when we accept and celebrate everyone’s individuality.

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