Everyone Is Welcome at Will Herring’s Crossroads

Everyone Is Welcome at Will Herring’s Crossroads

Will Herring, owner of Crossroads Coffee & Ice Cream.
Photography by Queon “Q” Martin.

“Make your guests feel like they are at home.”

At Crossroads Coffee & Ice Cream, people from Richmond and beyond come together to share ideas and unwind seven days a week. The owner of Crossroads, Will Herring, is a big guy with an even bigger heart. He’s formed great relationships with his customers over the seventeen years he’s been in business and is looking to evolve the business in the next decade. “I am from Richmond, Virginia. I grew up and lived on the Southside most of my life,” he says after being asked how long he has been in the area. “With Crossroads I am able to host a dinner party that runs all day long, every day of the week and enjoy it. We take pride in our hospitality.”

One of the biggest rewards Will says of being a restaurant owner is the many people who make it known to him that they feel welcomed and relaxed when they stop by for a coffee or a quick bite. “I strive to make Crossroads feel like home for everyone who walks through our doors. It’s rewarding when people who are visiting from other cities or have been displaced from their homes tell me they feel like Crossroads is their second home,” Will says. At any time of the day, you will find Will talking to customers, telling stories or making wisecracks.

Will and his wife, Amy are proud parents of their almost one-year-old daughter, Ruth. He is proud to be called Dad. Will is also looking ahead to the 20th anniversary of Crossroads. He has some exciting plans. “I am working on some projects for Crossroads that won’t change the feel but will make us better heading into our 20th anniversary in three years. The refresh will include live music, DJs, bands…and an overall improved experience that our customers will enjoy,” he explains. He says they bought the building a year and a half ago. They are looking to do some renovations in the near future. No matter the changes, Crossroads will continue to be an inclusive place for everyone to have fruitful conversations, exchange ideas, and most importantly, take their mind off of work and have a good time.

When in Richmond, Virginia, stop by Crossroads Coffee and Ice Cream located at 3600 Forest Hill Ave for some of their appetizing coffee, food and desserts.