Jordan Clark: Designer, Athlete, Model

Jordan Clark: Designer, Athlete, Model

Photo by Joe

“Better yourself whenever you can.”

Jordan Clark is an artist working out of Cherry Hill, New Jersey. “I customize shoes and clothes.  I also create digital art, paint, and sculpt,” he says. “I capture style, creativity, and authenticity.” Jordan shares this through his Instagram page moonrock_designs. He is currently working on a luxury streetwear brand that he has been building over the past year. He was inspired by the work and innovation of the late Virgil Abloh. He hopes to launch the brand in 2023. “I believe people are at their greatest when they look and feel their best,” he says. “To hone my craft and prepare me for a successful launch, I have done several apprenticeships.” These apprenticeships taught Jordan how to customize leather clothing and how to work as a graphic designer professionally.

Kobe Bryant Tribute by Jordan Clark 

This spring, Jordan will graduate from Lincoln University with a bachelor of arts in graphic design. Along with being an artist, Jordan is also a model and bodybuilder. As a serial entrepreneur, Jordan doesn’t stay in one lane. “I have seen my mom and dad successfully transition from the corporate office to being entrepreneurs, which has given me the confidence to take this direction,” he says. “I also believe I can mentor peers and those younger than myself to give them a better start.”

Jordan Clark winning the Eastern USA Championships overall in the Men’s Physique category on Nov 13, 2021. This qualified Jordan for the nationals that take place on June 30, 2022. Jordan anticipates earning his Pro Card. Photo courtesy of Jordan Clark.

Originally published in IMIRAGE magazine. Photo by Don Harris. Clothing by Derrick Seller and Orlando.

Jordan was a track athlete in high school and college so getting into bodybuilding was something that came naturally to him. Modeling on the other hand was something he later found that he enjoyed. “The more I modeled the better I became and the more opportunities I got,” he says. With his multiple creative outputs, he aims to outdo his expectations. “I don’t aim to please anyone because someone will always have something to say no matter the outcome, so if someone finds me interesting enough and likes what I’m doing that’s an honor.  I know I must always move to be authentic and level up whenever I can.”

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