Keisha Green’s Loving Legs Foundation Creates Opportunities for People with Disabilities

Keisha Green’s Loving Legs Foundation Creates Opportunities for People with Disabilities

Keisha Green, founder of the Loving Legs Foundation. Photos by Calvin Finklea.

“Disability has no physical look.”

Each month we highlight a community program that aligns with the values of SoulVision Magazine. We believe engaging with one’s community is critical to fostering positive change in the world.

Keisha Green is the founder of the Loving Legs Foundation based in Atlanta, Georgia. “Our mission is to build up and inspire legless and wheelchair divas, while providing accessibility items to people in need,” she says. “Disability has no physical look. Whatever your disability may be, we are here to help you overcome those obstacles while turning them into abilities.” The foundation hosts community enrichment events and interactive family workshops that help with emotional, spiritual, and physical health, computer and technology training, and expression through the arts.

Keisha’s inspiration and motivation to start Loving Legs Foundation is one that is personal. She was born in Syracuse, New York, and was a teenage single mother of three and a high school dropout. Refusing to be a product of her environment, she moved to Atlanta, Georgia, with her family in the early 2010s and started her own hair and beauty business named Xxotic Extensions.  She then decided to go to school. In August 2013, as a college student pursuing a degree in radiology, Keisha severed both of her legs in a car accident. With her continued faith in God, support of her family and children, and a concerned medical staff, Keisha made it through. While Keisha was now a bilateral amputee, she refused to wallow in self-pity. She knew her story could inspire those who have gone through similar tribulations. She created several brands and a foundation to help and inspire anyone who wants to succeed, despite their challenges.

Today, she is working towards a fashion show for “Divas and Dons” with physical disabilities to showcase their confidence and beauty. In early 2021, the Loving Legs Foundation will be hosting its first annual ‘Elevation Through Triumph’ retreat. Kiesha and the Loving Legs Foundation are also working with multiple organizations to build a library in Nigeria, as well as provide wheelchairs, canes, medical supplies, and walkers to the Nigerian community. Keisha keeps going because her spirit is unstoppable! 

To learn more about Keisha Green and Loving Legs Foundation, you can visit her website