Khadijah Smith Wants To Help Improve Your Health

Khadijah Smith Wants To Help Improve Your Health

Photos by Denitra Smith

“Use food as a medicine.”

Khadijah Smith helps those who cannot help themselves mentally or physically. “I worked as a nurse in the mental health field for 13 plus years,” she says. “I believe this work was preparing me to care for my son who has mild intellectual disabilities.” Khadijah was uncomfortable about putting her child on controlled medication, so she did her own research to figure out natural ways to help her son. She discovered many food choices that would help improve her son’s quality of life. “It was a struggle trying to get my son to eat half of the things that were needed for his betterment, so I decided to start juicing and making smoothies,” she says. “Along with other resources, it was a long journey but a successful one. My son is now more focused and has more energy for getting through school work with no issues.”

Ka’Tagious Juices was the outcome of Khadijah’s urgency to help her son. The goal is to promote a healthy and vegan lifestyle. The juices have no added sugar or synthetic vitamins. Juicing can be an effective way to supplement a normal diet with fruits and vegetables that you might not take daily. “We are offering a straightforward way for our friends to live a healthy life by embracing the benefits of our juices,” Khadijah says.

For Khadijah, juicing is just the start of her advocacy for a healthier lifestyle. She plans to travel and talk to others about the importance of diet and how it can help them live their best lives. “Using food as medicine can change you forever, but that is just one part, we also have to dive into the emotional and spiritual component,” she says. “When we connect both physically and emotionally, it will all start to change. That is why I’m here to help you with the process.”

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