Kyle Taylor Is a Rockstar Sushi Chef

Kyle Taylor Is a Rockstar Sushi Chef

Photos courtesy of chef Kyle Taylor

“Network to build your clientele.”

Las Vegas had a huge influence on chef Kyle Taylor’s appreciation for different cultures and cuisine. This would prove beneficial when at the age of 16, Kyle was a dishwasher at the restaurant Wabi-Sabi. The master sushi chef became a mentor to Kyle. With his guidance, Kyle found his confidence and a new appreciation for sushi that led him to continue working on his craft. “I seized the opportunity to work with several master sushi chefs across the United States, turning me into the rockstar sushi chef I am today,” Kyle says. “I then created my private dining venture called CSALT (pronounced Sea Salt) Sushi Club. Through networking I developed an extremely exclusive clientele.”

Charred Blufin Akami

His club sources the best quality ingredients from around the world and infuses traditional elements with a modern twist; all the while respecting the culture. “Our club has one-of-a-kind personalized menus and dishes that complement each individual member’s taste and interests,” Kyle says. “I blend unique flavors together that you won’t find anywhere outside of the CSALT Sushi Club.”

Tuna and Yellowtail Nigiri

Lobster tail roll with A5 Wagyu and basil/King crab roll with smoked salmon

Expanding on his original vision for the CSALT Sushi Club, Kyle will open a sushi bar and lounge under the same name for the public to enjoy. “CSALT Sushi Club will open at ​​18 N Sycamore St in Petersburg, Virginia, in spring 2023, with world-class sushi, omakase, cocktails, and yours truly,” Kyle says. 

To learn more about chef Kyle Taylor, follow him on Instagram. To learn more about chef Kyle Taylor’s upcoming sushi bar and lounge, CSALT Sushi Club, follow them on Instagram.