Salaam Muhammad: Art Is a Vessel for Positive Change

Salaam Muhammad: Art Is a Vessel for Positive Change

Live purposefully and the rest will follow.

Salaam Muhammad’s artwork depicts a side of black life rarely seen in the mainstream. As a youth, he would see the negative effects of the way the inner city was portrayed – riddled with drugs, crime, and gangs. Salaam knew he had to forge a different path for his life. Never shy, he participated in school plays and drawing competitions. Fat Albert, The Boondocks, and Static Shock were fictional characters who influenced young Salaam’s craft. Salaam decided that he would work as a vessel for positive change. Now a full-time artist, Salaam is changing his art style from visual to visionary to create, as he calls it, “a new and profound culture of peace and prosperity.”

As a teenager, Salaam discovered through his spirituality the power of art. Just like music, his art has universal appeal. Themes of love, connection, and unity resonate with everyone. With his art, he makes people feel emotions they may have forgotten. By the time he was a young man in his early 20s, he was traveling the country, attending exhibits and shows. His oil canvas and mixed media paintings speak vibrantly to everyone who comes across them. He can shift styles from photorealistic to cartoon illustrations. He is a visual genius.

Working promotional cover for Mr. Business

His beautiful illustrations will be featured in the upcoming children’s book series, Mr. Business – The Adventures of Little BK, published by Owl Publishing and Soulidifly Productions. The Mr. Business book series is based on the real-life experiences of Soulidifly founder and Chairman BK Fulton. Salaam’s illustrations will playfully depict the experiences of BK’s childhood. It’s lighthearted and speaks to Salaam’s goal of uplifting the community. The upcoming series revolves around the idea that you are never too young to be an entrepreneur and you should embrace who you are as a person. Sometimes, all it takes is the motivation to walk through the door of opportunity, even if you don’t know what lies ahead. Salaam worked hard at his craft and became successful at a young age. When you live with purpose, the pieces start to fall into place.

To learn more about Salaam Muhammad, check out his Facebook @TheArtOfSalaamMuhammad.