Salaam Muhammad’s Higher Purpose

Salaam Muhammad’s Higher Purpose

Artist Salaam Muhammad. Photo by Jessica Knox Photography.

Be intentional with your gift.”

Salaam Muhammad’s artwork is shaped by his upbringing in Elizabeth, New Jersey. “My pieces are an accumulation of life lessons and experiences, history, self-discovery, observations, and knowledge,” he explains. “What started out as a mere form of expression to pass the time grew into my life’s work and a means of encouraging and inspiring the black community.” Over the years, Salaam has developed a newfound sense of spirituality. His art has a purpose that goes beyond humanity. “God doesn’t just give us gifts for show or for vain purposes; with them comes great responsibility,” he says. As his wisdom and sense of purpose evolves, his art does too.

Amanti Allure by Salaam Muhammad

Right now, Salaam is working on commissioned and conceptual pieces. He has just launched a new website with an improved user experience to showcase his art. Fans of his artwork can now easily purchase their favorite pieces online. While he’s always been a passionate artist, the pieces he’s currently working on emote a feeling of connection and closeness. “I’ve decided to spend this year being more intentional about creating spiritual pieces, and the highest expression of spirituality is love,” he says. “So just to give you a hint, you will definitely see some lovers’ pieces very soon.”

Salaam Muhammad and his painting Crown Me Lord (Woman).
Photo courtesy of Salaam Muhammad.

Salaam says he’s working on more children’s books this year. In 2019, he illustrated all seven of the Mr. Business: The Adventures of Little BK books. “If you had asked me 5 years ago, I never would’ve told you I would be illustrating children’s books,” he says. Continuing to challenge himself and lend his talents to different mediums, he is motivated and ready for his work to reach a larger audience. “One thing I can say for the future is that I want my messages to reach the masses,” he says. “So I will be spending some time formulating a more solid team for branding and more development on the business side of things as well.” To summarize, this artist has a plan. With his work ethic and talent, there’s a good chance that moment will be soon.

Crown Me Lord (Man) by Salaam Muhammad

To learn more about Salaam Muhammad and purchase his artwork, visit his website or follow Salaam on Instagram and Facebook.