Sara Crutcher and Kayse Small’s Body-Positive Lingerie

Sara Crutcher and Kayse Small’s Body-Positive Lingerie

“Celebrate your beauty.”

Sara Crutcher and Kayse Small set out to make a difference in women’s lives. They’re co-owners of Le Boudoir, a lingerie boutique that specializes in expert bra fitting. They set up shop in Middleburg, Virginia, a town that is known as “the heart of horse and wine country.” Kayse and Sara make sure their customers leave their shop feeling confident and well-cared for.

Kayse Small grew up in Church Point, Louisiana and is a veteran of the United States Air Force. Her love for the lingerie business began while she was living in France on a diplomatic assignment. After returning home, she started a mobile bra fitting business.

Sara Crutcher’s passion for lingerie started when she was working at Victoria’s Secret and studying advertising at Hampton University. She worked with luxury lingerie brands La Perla and Intimacy (now known as Rigby and Peller). Like many young people in the 2000s, she created a blog dedicated to her passion. Through her blog, she shared her extensive knowledge of all-things lingerie.

Kayse and Sara noticed a significant number of women were neglecting their breast health. So, they set out to educate and make women feel more confident. “One of the main places on our bodies we neglect are our breasts,” Sara says. “We too often wear ill-fitting, uncomfortable and boring bras. Our goal is to fit women in the best bras for her breast type. The resulting comfort helps women to build confidence in their femininity and enhance their silhouettes in clothing.”

Kayse Small’s granddaughters, Livy (age 10) and Lana (age 13) have created their own line in collaboration with Le Boudoir named Livy and Lana, Bras for US. “The collection will include a special bralette for young girls who are in the beginning stages of breast development,” Kayse says. The two entrepreneurs are following in their Nana’s footsteps. From design to fabric to marketing, they’ve worked hands-on to make this project come to life. “We hope this bralette will start the conversation among girls about bras and breast health,” she says. Kayse and Sara are confident that this venture and the resulting conversations will stick with them well into adulthood.

“Le Boudoir is destined to become a tool that helps women find the right support and gain financial independence as well.”

Kayse and Sara’s long-term goal is to franchise Le Boudoir. They’ve been in business for two years and plan to start the franchise process at the beginning of 2021. “Our business model can easily be replicated in different cities around the country,” Sara says. “We speak to women all the time who want more from a career and have an entrepreneurial spirit but are not sure of what to do with it. Le Boudoir is destined to become a tool that helps women find the right support and gain financial independence as well.”

To schedule an appointment with Kayse and Sara, you can book through their website For more updates, follow Le Boudoir on Facebook @leboudoirfits and Instagram @le_boudoir_fits.