Angelique Michelle & Maria V. Williams Go Beyond Fashion 

Angelique Michelle & Maria V. Williams Go Beyond Fashion 

Entrepreneurial stylists Maria V. Williams and Angelique Michelle have recently come together to form a new image consulting and wardrobe styling firm. Photos courtesy of Maria V. Williams. Graphic by Queon “Q” Martin.

“Fashion transforms your self-perception.”

Angelique Michelle is the CEO of iCONiQ Style and Maria V. Williams is the CEO of LITTLE m STYLE. These two entrepreneurial stylists have recently come together to form a new image consulting and wardrobe styling firm. “We brought our love and compassion for fashion and created a dynamic duo that has now curated beautiful wardrobes for hundreds of movie cast members and over 10 film and theater productions,” Maria says. Their clientele ranges from celebrities and socialites to everyday hardworking folks. “We work with people in our community that may not have the expertise, vision, or time to shop to create their fashionable looks,” Angelique explains.

Angelique Michelle and Maria V. Williams at the 1st Annual Baltimore Met Gala at the Baltimore Museum of Art.

Maria V. Williams and Angelique Michelle at client Candace Dillard-Bassett’s (The Real Housewives of Potomac) Deep Space album release party.

There is a social justice angle here as well. Angelique and Maria plan to help those in underserved communities, particularly those who are re-entering society, to build confidence and self-esteem. “We believe fashion is more than just dressing up, it is also an essential factor in boosting one’s self-confidence,” Maria says. “Knowing your style, the colors you look best in, and the pieces that radiate your personality and lifestyle can create a unique ensemble that will leave you placid and fearless no matter the occasion.” “Fashion transforms your self-perception. If you look great, you feel great, and do great,” Angelique adds.

From left: Costume Designer Maria Williams, Actor Boris Kodjoe and wife/Actress Nicole Ari Parker, and Costume Designer Angelique Michelle on the set of Safe Room.

In 2023 the fashionable duo plans to open up headquarters in Washington, DC, and in the Baltimore downtown area. Clients will have access to services like personal shopping, wardrobe rental packages, closet and personal wardrobe renderings, accessories and a team of specialists for in-house hair and makeup. “We are not only building for our clientele but to inspire fashion entrepreneurs to explore their growth and talents,” Angelique says. “We want to help fashion entrepreneurs build their small businesses with unlimited resources and foster their creativity with the needed business skills to be successful. This will all fall under our fashion community house umbrella.” 

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