Daniel Crawford’s Crewel & Unusual Is Wearable Art

Daniel Crawford’s Crewel & Unusual Is Wearable Art

Photos by Crewel & Unusual

“I care about the details and take pride in doing one thing and doing it well.”

Daniel Crawford, the founder and creator of the Richmond-based clothing brand Crewel & Unusual, grew up watching his mother make their family clothes. “I think some of it started there without me really knowing,” he says. As a teenager, Daniel would use an inkjet printer to make iron-on t-shirts for himself. Many years later, he worked at a monogramming shop where he embroidered initials on baby apparel and accessories. “I wanted to make something more fun, so I started embroidering my own artwork on various apparel and it snowballed from there,” Daniel says.

Daniel describes his work at Crewel & Unusual as “wearable art.” From drawing to embroidering, production is in-house. “I care about the details and take pride in doing one thing and doing it well,” he comments. When Daniel walks around Richmond and sees a person wearing one of his hats, Daniel loves to yell out, “I like your hat!” When he hears that previous customers are complimented on their sweatshirts and are excited to tell their friends about his brand, Daniel is motivated to continue his passion. “That’s very heart-warming to me and gives me a little boost to keep on making things,” Daniel says. 

Daniel is currently working on upcycling vintage apparel with new embroidery. This could include denim jackets, pants, and dresses. An idea that Daniel has been tinkering with in his head is a dedicated retail shop for Crewel & Unusual products. “For now, I’m focused on creating new designs and embroidering the apparel—that’s where the magic happens,” he says. What might these new designs look like? Well, it could be wildflowers. “I’m always making some new embroidery and drawing inspiration from the natural world, so we shall see,” Daniel says. 

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