Jennifer Koch: Your Personality in Style

Jennifer Koch: Your Personality in Style

Photos by Paula Luna

“I help people spark from the inside out.” 

Stylist Jennifer Koch doesn’t stay in one place, which makes her somewhat of a nomad. For over 15 years, Jennifer has worked in the fashion industry, starting with Saks Fifth Avenue at the age of 21. She made her way to Paris, France, to work in PR and traveled to Bali, Indonesia, to start her own bespoke women’s fashion brand. Stylegasm, her most recent venture, is her personal stylist brand. “In my clothing brand I spent a lot of time with my clients and naturally that led to them wanting more support with their style,” she says. “Launching Stylegasm was a culmination of all of my experiences and finding my zone of genius, coupled with my deep desire to serve others.”

Jennifer sees Stylegasm as a way to empower women and men. “I help people spark from the inside out,” she says. One of her clients is a hip digital planner located in Charlottesville, Virginia. Jennifer is currently working with this client on a commercial photoshoot. Another client is a world-class performer based in California and Jennifer is working on custom gowns for her. Jennifer also is working with a serial entrepreneur and homeschool mom who lives on a ranch in Texas with her exotic animals. From an energy healer embracing “rich mom vibes” in Arizona to a luxury dietician about to move to Spain, Jennifer’s clientele is diverse and wide. “Each of my clients are so unique and it’s a blast to help them express themselves through their style and participate in their metamorphosis,” Jennifer says.

Jennifer plans to continue her VIP styling experiences and photoshoots, including Paris shopping tours. Jennifer also is planning a small group excursion to Bali. She says it will be through the lens of luxury and style. When she gets back, she will continue helping people feel good about themselves. 

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