Ciarra Morris: Fitness Champion

Ciarra Morris: Fitness Champion

Photos by Samia Minnicks Photography

“Be your greatest cheerleader.”

Ciarra Morris is a fitness champion. She uses her gift and passion to help people become their best selves. “It’s so much more than just losing weight; it’s about learning new habits and adopting a new healthy lifestyle,” she says. At James Madison University (JMU), Ciarra ran track as a D1 athlete. She majored in kinesiology with a minor in exercise science. Her intention was to work with athletes, but she quickly realized that she would have to walk before she could run. Ciarra worked as a personal trainer at American Family Fitness and Youfit.

From there, she moved to working in corporate fitness. One passion stuck with Ciarra: working solo with athletes. So, she made the decision to leave the 9 to 5 world and venture out on her own as an online fitness coach. Soon she was not only working with athletes but also with people of all ages and experiences.

Along with expanding her online fitness business, Ciarra is working on expanding her talents. Recently, Ciarra worked on The One Project, a music video, with Richmond, Virginia-based musical artist ONE. She is grateful to be a participant in the project. “All of his cast was handpicked by him to highlight their uniqueness in his project,” she says. “Thanks to this artist I got a chance to showcase my talents outside of the gym.”

As restrictions from the pandemic subside, Ciarra is looking to get back to work with high school athletes. “The pandemic hit the sports scene hard; unfortunately, the high school level was one that got hit the hardest,” she says. “Some high school athletes have not competed in over a year.” Ciarra understands how important it is for these athletes to be recruited at the college level. “When working with athletes my goal is to give them something I never had, a structured strength and conditioning program in high school that prepares them for college,” she says. “I’m looking forward to preseason training and getting these athletes back to doing what they love most, competing.”

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