David Richards: Mixing Leather & Soul

David Richards: Mixing Leather & Soul

Photos by Sidekick Studios

“Put your soul into your craft.”

Watch strap maker David Richards relocated to Bedfordshire, a rural county in the East of England, after living in London for many years. “London is so much fun but it has a shelf life, and I think that expired for me,” he admits. “I lusted for some green space, a garden, and somewhere local to walk my dogs.” He enjoys the woodlands just a few minutes away from his house, the ability to hit the golf course and ride his bike with his friends through the woods.

David Richards owns The Strap Tailor, a small independent British watch strap business selling handmade leather watch straps. Growing up, he saw his grandfather tinker with and build watches. He would then give them to David, who collected the watches. His grandfather’s love for watches influenced his passion for the craft tremendously. This is why he launched The Strap Tailor in 2018. “I get to share my passion with other horology friends around the world and create great products for them,” he says. “I put my soul into every interaction and into every product. I like to think that comes across to my customers, many of whom have been with me from day one and continue to work with me. I feel this is testament to the passion we share in the same hobby.”

Photo by David Richards

David looks to expand his business. “The challenge with running a business selling bespoke products is capacity,” he says. “You can reach a ceiling where inbound orders exceed capacity. I have ambitions for my brand to be a legacy, something I can always look on fondly and be proud of.” To expand, David looks to build on his current team. After all, he understands the need for rest. “I have taken one week off in one and a half years and that’s hardly sustainable,” he admits. Along with expansion, David looks to work with other strap makers who are just as passionate about the craft as he is. “Talent in the small leather goods world is in short supply,” he says.

To learn more about David Richards and The Strap Tailor, visit their website and follow them on Instagram.