Dr. Princess Chinyere Halliday Leads by Example

Dr. Princess Chinyere Halliday Leads by Example

Photos courtesy of Dr. Princess Chinyere Halliday

 “Break barriers and stereotypes.” 

Dr. Princess Chinyere Halliday is a voice for young women everywhere. She spent the early days of her life in Nigeria, also known as the giant of Africa. At the age of 13, she enrolled as an undergrad at the University of Benin and graduated with a degree in petroleum engineering. “I was quick to realize that women were not seen as carriers of great initiative,” she says. “I just wanted to do great things, help people to accomplish their goals that seemed far-fetched, and break stereotypes.” Her dad wanted her to pursue engineering. In her culture, a child must obey the wishes of their parents. “Looking back, I had to fulfill my dad’s wish before embarking on my career in leadership,” Dr. Halliday says.

When Dr. Princess Halliday was going through her undergraduate education, she noticed so few women in the engineering department. “The workload was cumbersome, but I persevered,” she says. She eventually was hired to be a leadership executive for a company contracting with Shell Nigeria. Dr. Halliday has a Ph.D. in organizational leadership from Liberty University. Because Dr. Halliday received her Ph.D. at such a young age people struggle to comprehend how she could have accomplished so much. “Earning a Ph.D. at a young age for a woman is considered far-fetched,” she says. “I am aware that I do not look like the conventional Ph.D. My clients would often tell me that I am changing the dynamics of Ph.D.s.”

As a leadership expert and advocate for women’s empowerment and workplace diversity, Dr. Princess Halliday wants women, and anyone interested, to have the tools needed to be great leaders. Her Mentorship (Global Leadership Academy) program helps young leaders problem solve and learn personal development skills that will improve their capacity as leaders. “On a daily basis, we receive numerous emails from people all over requesting to be mentored,” Dr. Halliday says. “This year, we are accepting applications for new participants in our Mentorship (Global Leadership Academy) program.” In 2022, Dr. Halliday will continue to focus on developing leaders to lead authentically. “When we lead with authenticity, we are better equipped to inspire those we desire to lead,” she says. 

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