Jessica Knox’s Point of View

Jessica Knox’s Point of View

Photo by Theo Qu

“It’s ok to be a little different.”

At the age of eight, Jessica Knox’s father bought her a pink film camera. Jessica was now a photographer.

She grew up in Washington D.C. and Charlotte, NC. “My craft as a photographer is this continuous quest to recreate the scenes and visions I have in my mind and capture them with my camera,” she says.

Jessica feels she has done her job when the subject she is capturing feels like they can relax and be themselves in front of the camera. “I truly feel like I get a glimpse into their soul,” she says. “The ability to put people at ease, and reflect back to them the unique beauty that I see in them through my photographs…that’s priceless.”

Photo by Jessica Knox Photography

Jessica compares the relationship between her work and her subject to dancing. “There’s a flow of energy in both directions,” she says. “My subjects are a conduit for my creative energy and vision.” When her vision is complete, Jessica comes out with something she considers to be beautiful and impactful.  She has the “eye” for amazing imagery.

Recently, Jessica completed a fantastic collection of photographs of Salaam Muhammed, the illustrator of Mr. Business: The Adventures of Little BK. The complete boxed set of Little BK’s seven adventures will be available just in time for the holiday season. In her shoot with Salaam, Jessica captures the illustrator behind the popular book series.

Photos by Jessica Knox Photography

As long as Jessica has the freedom to express and be herself, she’s content. “I’m quite an enigma, and people tend to want to put some of us individualists in a box and categorize us,” she says. “My goal in everything I do is to continuously peel back the layers and fearlessly bare my soul through my art. Whatever the trends are at the moment has never really caught my interest.”

While Jessica works with a diverse collection of brands and clients, her ultimate goal is to expand her role as creative director. “I’m diving deeper into both planning and executing conceptual photo shoots,” she says. “This is why I’m reluctant to take on the label of a fashion photographer, because the main focus for me has never been just the clothes or the model, but telling a story.  My last full-time gig was for Aston Martin and Bentley. That experience enhanced my brand.  People would see my work and say ‘. . . did she do that!?’ I love that nobody sees me coming. I like being a little different.”

To see more of Jessica’s photography, visit her website or follow her on Facebook @jessicaknoxphotography and Instagram @jessicaknoxphotography. To purchase the Mr. Business books, visit or