Shannon Greenwood: Knocking Down the House

Shannon Greenwood: Knocking Down the House

“Live life on your own terms.”

Today’s workplace culture too often leaves workers feeling burnt out and/or unfulfilled. The stakes can be even higher when you’re a female leader in a challenging career. Shannon Siriano Greenwood is very familiar with this issue. After dealing with postpartum depression, Shannon had an awakening. She knew she had to make a life-changing decision and live her life “on her own terms.” She sold her very successful boutique cycle studio, Boho Cycle Studio (the most successful in her region) and started the foundation for her Rebelle brand—a conference and community that empowers women to be their own bosses. Shannon believes you can live a fulfilling and successful life while keeping your mental health and personal values under control. In other words, “you” are in charge!

Shannon grew up in Annapolis, Maryland, and in adulthood, decided to put down roots in Richmond, Virginia. She is a self-described “community architect.” “I design and create community events, conferences, and experiences that connect people on a soul level,” she explains. “Rebelle Con and Rebelle Community are places for women to share what is bouncing around in their heads while being inspired and connected to one another.” This is how great businesses are formed—come up with an idea, share it with others, collaborate and see where it goes.

If a project doesn’t have any passion behind it, Shannon will not look at it twice. “Every project I participate in has to have soul to make it on my list. I am in the process of expanding our conference events and community chapters to cities across the country,” she says. “I know there is a need for women to connect deeply and truly belong to each other. We want them to think bigger, go after what they want, and take amazing care of themselves. We are making that happen, one event at a time.”

“I know there is a need for women to connect deeply and truly belong to each other.”

After growing a “community of women bosses” to 4,000, Shannon is preparing to dominate the world. “We are building a nationwide (soon to be international) network of women who are breaking the old rules to define their own version of success. We have the power to ‘Rebelle!’” The old rules left us stressed and overworked. The new rules prioritize work-life balance. See your family and friends. Connect with your community. We are all in this together.

To learn more about Shannon Greenwood and her Rebelle brand, you can visit her website: and follow her on Instagram @ssiriano.