Tahjere Lewis Plans for His Future

Tahjere Lewis Plans for His Future

Tahjere Lewis created TTP Food LLC to bring his late aunt Carol Ann Morgan Scott’s signature sauce recipe to life. Photo by Matt Gentry.

“Widen your vision.”

Tahjere Lewis is in his senior year of undergraduate school at Virginia Tech. While he is working on completing his degree in building construction with a minor in computer science, Tahjere is working long hours to build two family sauce-related companies – TTP Food LLC and TTP Tech LLC.  He hopes these ventures will be successful after graduation. He counts on his faith to lead the way. “I am faith-driven, technical, and a chef at heart,” he says. “I am a religious man and move through God’s graces.” It was in his sophomore year that Tahjere knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. He felt there was a lack of networking on campus so he developed University Link, an app that promotes and connects university entrepreneurs and gives these entrepreneurs insight on incorporating their businesses, trademarking, patenting, and how to file taxes. According to Tahjere, the app currently has a total number of 4,000 user downloads and over 100,000 impressions on the App and Google Play stores combined.

Aunt Carol’s Sauce is an all-purpose sauce that can be used as a marinade, dipping sauce, or glaze for seafood, meats, and vegetables. Photo by Matt Gentry.

Tahjere’s late aunt Carol Ann Morgan Scott made her signature sauce for years for his family. “I never knew she made it herself until I asked her where I could purchase it since I was headed off to college,” he says. “I made a promise that she and I would sell this sauce after I graduated.” She passed away during his freshman year of college. After her passing, Tahjere says he was determined to follow through with her dream. He created TTP Foods LLC to bring Aunt Carol’s Sauce to life. “It’s an all-purpose sauce and can be used as a marinade, dipping sauce, or glaze for seafood, meats, and vegetables. A lot of people love spicy food, so I created a version for those spicy lovers too.”

Family trying Aunt Carol’s Sauce wings for the first time. Photo courtesy of Tahjere Lewis.

Tahjere is also the founder of TTP Tech LLC, a software development company that develops mobile and web applications for individuals and other businesses. “We are a team of four.  The team is made up of intelligent and faith-driven Virginia Tech students,” Tahjere explains. “We assist our clients in overcoming their most important technical and software challenges.” One of Tahjere’s biggest goals is to purchase and operate a food truck to sell specialty foods. Tahjere will be graduating with a job offer as a software engineer for CoStar Group. “My goal is to learn more about the workforce from insurance to IRAs and increase my stock portfolio,” he says. “I can be a resource for large corporations and lead through my own businesses, offering opportunities to others.” 

Tahjere Lewis is the CEO of TTP Food LLC and TTP Tech LLC. To learn more about Aunt Carol’s Sauce, visit their website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.