Editor's Note

BK Fulton

BK Fulton

Photo by Queon “Q” Martin 

February 2022

Each day is a gift.”

Each day is a gift. What we do with that gift is our gift back to humanity. We all are praying that 2022 is better than 2021. It’s natural to hope for the best in every new year. What I think is also natural is that we each get to have the world we are willing to work for. I no longer pray that I will find life’s joys as others validate my expressions. I now pray that God continues to lift me and give me the health and strength to keep doing what is right. I make this my prayer because I have found that as long as I do what is right, I don’t have to find joy; joy finds me. In other words, become the pace car of life. Be the example of integrity; the example of God’s grace and mercy; the example of love and faith in action. This is where I find myself halfway through my journey. In this issue of SoulVision Magazine, we introduce you to people whose excellence has made them the pace cars of humanity. They are busy doing the work and by doing so, they give love a chance.

Our cover story features Grammy Award-winning producer and engineer Commissioner Gordon Williams. We also share shorts on Dr. Princess Chinyere Halliday, artist M. Sani, and creative Dave Ortiz’s Our/New York. We also take a look at Michelle Coles’ debut novel and share with you a savory recipe from chef Tiara Smith. Finally, we highlight the nonprofit Girls on the Run of Greater Richmond and honor the one and only Betty White. You get a new look when you have SoulVision! 

“I have found that as long as I do what is right, I don’t have to find joy; joy finds me.” 

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