Editor's Note

BK Fulton

BK Fulton

Photo by Louise Keeton 

May 2022

When you inspire someone, you ignite a positive future.”

I’ve learned through many trials and tribulations that we can manifest greatness by lifting each other. I found my way to success by reading about the wins of my ancestors. Knowing that they made a way out of no way inspired me. Their stories gave me a blueprint for living, learning and giving. It’s as if their love poured over the fires of my failures and was the catalyst for my phoenix to arise from the ashes. I owe so much to people I’ve never met. What I believe they would want us all to do is to pay their gifts forward for future generations. That is the power of inspiration. It’s eternal. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. When you inspire someone, you ignite a positive future. Our world deserves a positive future. The good news is that we already possess everything required to be great. It starts with inspiration.

In this issue of SoulVision Magazine, we hope to inspire you with the phenomenal work of Leon, an actor’s actor. We also share with you stories on iWoman TV founder Cathleen Trigg-Jones, musician extraordinaire Tom E Morrison, audio engineer Matt Treacy, and photographer Chris McGee. Finally, we give you a fire recipe from Chef Jacoby Ponder, take a look at the important educational work of Partnership for the Future, and honor the legacy of singer, actor, and activist Paul Robeson. 

“I found my way to success by reading about the wins of my ancestors.” 

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