HistoryMakers: African American Voices from the Past to Present

HistoryMakers: African American Voices from the Past to Present

“Learn from your past and shape your future.”

Each month we will highlight a community program that aligns with the values of SoulVision Magazine. We believe engaging with one’s community is critical to fostering positive change in the world.

For our February issue, we highlight The HistoryMakers, a national nonprofit educational organization based in Chicago, Illinois devoted to preserving, developing, and providing access to the “untold stories of both well-known and unsung African Americans.” These stories celebrate the movements, events, and organizations that are not only important to African Americans, but to Americans of all backgrounds.

Founder, Julieanna Richardson, profoundly articulates the importance of documenting legacy and achievement in the African-American community: “In the times we are in right now, it is extremely important that our community take heed of the need to preserve our legacy. If we don’t, we risk losing sacred ground in the 21st Century and all that follow.” HistoryMakers encourages us all to remember our history and use this knowledge to better the lives of all Americans.

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