Karen Cooper: The Cannabis Industry’s Newest Influencer

Karen Cooper: The Cannabis Industry’s Newest Influencer

Photo by Sidney Lilly

“Stay motivated and passionate about everything you do.”

Karen Cooper is a creative/artist and part-time caregiver from Newport News, Virginia. Growing up a stylish kid, Karen would put on her late Grandma Daisy’s jewelry and lipstick. “This helped me with my business today,” she says. “I also grew up coloring, painting, and drawing.” She is the founder of the Healing Touch Companion (HTC), a brand and social media page dedicated to caregivers. The brand has also branched out into the cannabis business. HTC Clips, their latest product, are beautifully handcrafted smoking wands. Her son, a nail artist, inspired Karen to create the smoking wands after noticing that smokers would burn their nails and leave them discolored after getting them done.  Karen’s custom clips solve this problem.

Oval Green Agate Gemstones

Karen spends a fair portion of her time learning new wire wrapping techniques for her clips. She creates 30 or more pieces in each working session. From wiring, beading, and sealing, it takes Karen about 10-15 minutes to create each product. “Sometimes it’s hard to determine how many I’ve done as I lose track of time and get lost in my work,” she says. Her art allows her to focus on herself, especially after Grandma Daisy passed away due to COVID-19. Grandma Daisy helped the Healing Touch Companion’s 100s of thousands of followers take care of their loved ones diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and dementia. She also inspired Karen to start living life. “I stay motivated and passionate about everything I do because Grandma Daisy would always say, ‘Let go and let God…,’” she remembers. “I also enjoy coming up with creative ideas to make something new.”

Pink/Barbie Glass Beads

Copper and Light Blue Agate Gemstones

Karen wants to connect with cannabis influencers like Sydni Smiley, Positive Smash, Rachael, Michele Ross, and Wiz Khalifa. “HTC Clips is just getting started,” she says. “I’ll be doing several giveaways on Instagram this year, so keep your eyes peeled. In addition, plan on seeing us at local events that advocate for marijuana use.”

To learn more about Karen Cooper and HTC, visit their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.