Tawn Williams Leads With Her Heart

Tawn Williams Leads With Her Heart

Photos by Tiffanie Lister Photography

“Heal the world with your gifts.”

Tawn Williams is the mother of two girls, a healer, and an empath who has a passion for teaching others to lead with their heart. It was this mentality that led her to create Bloom Healing Arts Academy, a collective of wellness providers that span all over the world, focusing on a variety of different holistic healing methods. “Bloom’s soul takes deep root in building what we affectionately call a heart-led business,” she explains. “This means every decision we make goes to the heart first, and we navigate challenges and celebrate our successes with this concept in mind.” Tawn knows too well the hardships of going through life when your spiritual purpose isn’t connected with what you put out into the world, so she leads by example. She desires to be a role model and to show that a “heart-first” approach to business can be successful. “I care deeply about making a lasting impact on the lives of our direct and indirect clientele,” she says.

Bloom Healing Arts Academy’s latest offering is an inclusive and diverse spiritual wellness platform. “The instructors are inclusive of men and women, and come from varying backgrounds, another attribute we thought was critical, as people of color are not widely represented in the wellness space and we’re seeking to disrupt that reality,” she says. The platform offers 20 live, interactive, and virtually streamed classes and includes strategies for meditation, breathwork, self-improvement, and forgiveness.

Tawn says Bloom Healing now offers enhanced online services via the Wellness Living app. “This gives people access to finding, scheduling, and participating in our holistic healing classes from any device,” she says. “This exciting new addition is another great way to bring a little life and light to the greater good, and to encourage members to go inward to find lasting happiness.”

Tawn’s future plans include expanding access to spiritual and holistic programs and continuing to build a community of diverse students and instructors. She will also offer their online platforms and corporate partnership options. “Businesses can have a tremendous impact on introducing our ‘heart-led’ culture of care into their own workplace, helping them trailblaze a new era of spiritual wellness and self-care,” she says.

To learn more about Tawn Williams and Bloom Healing Arts Academy, visit their website and follow them on Instagram.  You can join their Facebook group here.