Traer Price: Your Jewelry Is Personal

Traer Price: Your Jewelry Is Personal

Photo by Traer Price

“What you wear is part of your journey.”

Multidisciplinary designer and artist Traer Price was born in New Haven, Connecticut. A Harvard and Stanford University graduate, Traer is the “first black show designer/choreographer of high tech, internationally renowned fountains,” according to the Hutchins Center at Harvard. Some of her water choreography show highlights include “I Will Always Love You,” by Whitney Houston at the Dubai Fountain in Dubai, UAE, and “Luck Be A Lady,” by Frank Sinatra at the Fountains of Bellagio at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, both produced for L.A. firm WET. “I translate unseen, inner landscapes—emotion, memory and personal cultural history—into visual experiences and tangible form,” she says. Traer sets out to inspire others with her success as an artist. Her success is their success. “The inner landscape I channel is a collective one,” she explains.

Traer Price’s water choreography at the Fountains of Bellagio at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. Produced for L.A.  firm WET. Photo by Randy Andy/

In her second act, Traer is the owner of Traer Price Design—a small design studio based in St. Petersburg, Florida. Traer Price Design primarily creates “worn art,” or handcrafted jewelry. She uses her jewelry to represent the shared experiences of the black diaspora. Traer is inspired by a cultural shift that calls for black women’s voices to be heard and understood. “I feel liberated and encouraged,” she says. “I aspire to have my creativity, in all its forms, be part of that light.”

Traer Price specializes in “worn art” or handcrafted jewelry. Photo courtesy of Traer Price.

All of the lessons and knowledge that Traer has gained throughout the years isn’t lost on her. She continues to share what she has learned with others and looks forward to more opportunities to share with children. “As I grow and evolve, I understand how important self-resonance is. Knowing ourselves deeply allows us to see each other in truth and with care,” she says. “I want to spread the gospel of art and design and the inner connection it brings.”

Traer Price’s water choreography at the Dubai Fountain in Dubai, UAE. Produced for L.A. firm WET. Photo by Philip Lange/

Traer sees art and design as a portal that connects to life in its entirety. This is the way she experienced art and design, and she would like for others to experience the same. She calls it “vibratory attunement—a celebration of our own rhythms, each other’s gifts, and the life force in our beautiful home planet.” As she calls to her ancestors for inspiration, Traer is spreading positivity and good vibes to everyone her art touches.

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