Editor's Note

BK Fulton

BK Fulton

Photo by Queon “Q” Martin

May 2020

“. . . explore the little things in life and the big ones too.

Our May issue is dedicated to those who inspire. We feature Tai Babilonia, Kelcey Mawema, Rolonda Wright, Daphne Maxwell Reid and other creators whose work lifts us. We also were fortunate to spend this month with the amazing Adriana Trigiani – author, director, historian . . . and renaissance woman! Adriana graces our May cover because she is an example of the best of us and yet she remains as humble as her origins. Big Stone Gap, also the name of her first movie, is Adriana’s hometown where she grew up with grace and the support of her family. It was there that she explored the little things in life and the big ones too. Reading and learning were the driving forces behind her creativity. She thought she was going to be a poet until telling stories as an author became her passion. I was so moved by our interview with Adriana, that I wrote a poem in her honor (see below). Thank you, Adriana and all of our guests for this issue of SoulVision Magazine. You get a new look when you have SoulVision.

A Light of the World

Raised right and beautiful too . . .
the world is better because of you!

Keep on doing the things that you do;
don’t let the naysayers say when you’re through.

Make them learn as much as you teach . . .
you are changing our nation and the world is in reach!

Remember the babies; it’s about them not us.
Their eyes will keep twinkling when they hear “truth” they can trust.

Last, but not least . . . don’t take no crap!
Because a light of the world is from Big Stone Gap!

“keep on . . .”