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BK Fulton

BK Fulton

Photo courtesy of BK Fulton

November 2021

“We must lift as we climb.”

We must lift as we climb. I’m amazed by the resilience of educators who pour into young lives so that one day we might become the best version of ourselves. It’s really cool when you think about it. We are all an aggregate of our experiences. As we learn more, one of the rights of passage into adulthood requires that we give more. Since teaching is a form of giving, I’m focusing this month’s note on teaching more and not just in the “each one teach one sense . . . ,” but in the each one teach as many as you can sense. You see, we all can do something to make the world better. It is my core belief that anyone can teach. There is something special about each of us. And it is a supreme gift to give back; to pour into future generations so that this thing called humanity advances. My parents are educators. I started my professional career as an instructor in the Bronx, NY. Today, through our networks, films, and this magazine, we carry forward the tradition of caring and sharing through teaching others.

Accordingly, in this issue of SoulVision Magazine, we highlight the brilliance and wisdom of Academy COO Christine Simmons, learn how to succeed in our second act with Benita Adams, and witness the power of learning from multi-hyphenate ​​Tanya Boucicaut. We also learn about the craftsmanship behind Karen Cooper’s smoking wands, get a BBQ-ready recipe from Brenda L. Thomas and take a look at her cookbook Sayin’ A Taste. Finally, we share the inspirational story behind entrepreneur and model Kathare Mundit’s African Benefit Society nonprofit and celebrate the legacy of Hattie McDaniel.

“As we learn more, one of the rights of passage into adulthood requires that we give more.”

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