Editor's Note

BK Fulton

BK Fulton

Photo by Derek White

September 2019

“We must position our children for their purpose . . . .”

It is important to live our best lives. We become who we become by continuously learning, working and sharing. The notion of “self-made” is incomplete without acknowledgment and thanks to those who have helped us along the way. There is always someone who helped. There is always a seed that is planted, and it must be cared for if it is to grow. Thirty years ago, I was in Cambridge finishing the second summer of a Sloan Fellowship. The experience changed my life. I went from the probation list at Virginia Tech to tutoring statistics and economics at Harvard. I subsequently accepted a full ride to the Milano Graduate School of Management and International Policy before earning my law degree a few years later. The rest is history.

I worked at the National Urban League, AOL, Time Warner, the U.S. Department of Commerce and then Verizon. I retired in 2015 and wrote my first book, Shauna, about my youngest sister. I found my soulmate and started and/or chair seven companies. We are working on our seventh feature film and our company owns a digital TV network, and a digital magazine, and will release 7-10 books this year. We mentor and coach 7-25 young leaders each year. We have a scholarship that helps talented youth pay for school. We are blessed and happy. At every turn and every bump in the road, someone helped me as I learned to help myself. I now fully understand the importance and the power of working together to make our world a better place.

Accordingly, we dedicate this issue of SoulVision Magazine to the “makers” who created something out of what seemed to be nothing. They are writers, motivational speakers, choreographers, actors, designers, and iconographers. In their own way, each one is blazing a path forward. In most cases, they worked their way into their dreams and our lives. They inspire us to be better; the best version of ourselves. Pray every day. Be thankful every day. Work smarter every day. God is in the details. Welcome to the September Issue of SoulVision Magazine.

“There is always someone who helped . . . .”