Angela Jefferson: Feeling Is Poetry

Angela Jefferson: Feeling Is Poetry

Photo by Willie Woodard

“Write what you feel.”

Angela Jefferson is a mother of two, a grandmother of one, and an author, poet, storyteller, and spoken word artist. “I am able to connect, encourage and uplift those with whom I share my work,” she says. “Within the books of poetry that I’ve been blessed to publish are feelings that others find relatable.” In 2014, Angela published Hand-Me-Downs and Sweat Pants, her first book of poetry. Hand-Me-Downs is an analogy between the choice of clothes you wear and your character traits.

She wants her readers to connect with themselves through her writing. “What I do allows for reflection and opening doors for discussions that can lead to better ways of viewing our role in how we do what we do,” she says. In 2019 she released Bitter Honey Volume I and II, along with the first three books in the Trail of Triolets series. In the next year, she released three more books in the series as well as True Keepsakes and Family Snapshots. “I am family-oriented and believe in the importance of being appreciative, accountable, and impactful,” she says. “I believe the first step has to start with evaluating our thoughts. This is evident in my poetry.”

Hand-Me-Downs and Sweat Pants (self-published)

Angela is currently working on A Shawl for the Small, A Shoulder for Those Older and A Character Reference. She has been able to perform her poetry through Zoom and other social media platforms. Angela works under the name Ajeche’. “When communicating with others through spoken word, I gather as well as provide food for thought,” she says. She plans to create an audio version of her books. She was encouraged to take this step after many readers voiced that her poems were so much more “expressive and impactful” when performed. “I want to be as effective as possible,” she says. “I am enthusiastic about all of the opportunities where I can share and exchange dialogue.”

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