The Global Ikon: Finding the World’s Next Superstars

The Global Ikon: Finding the World’s Next Superstars

Ashish Manchanda, creator of The Global Ikon. Photos courtesy of Ashish Manchanda.

“We are all united in spirit.”

Ashish Manchanda created The Global Ikon to change the international landscape of the music and entertainment industry. Ashish is a music man who has worked with music legends like James Taylor and Garth Brooks, and mentored by celebrated Engineer/Producer Bruce Swedien. Ashish has built a phenomenal music career in India and in the US, where he is currently expanding his vision of designing exciting live experiences that provide wholesome entertainment with no age and community barriers. With The Global Ikon, Ashish is bridging international communities and cultures together. “Cultural divides are in the mind,” he says. “People across countries, geographies, and communities are all united in spirit with similar experiences and emotions. Music is a universal language.”

No matter one’s age (as long as they are over 13), genre, or nationality, contestants will have a chance at glory. Ashish says he decided to have the first edition of The Global Ikon in English due to English being the most widely recognized and spoken language in the world. “The Global Ikon is truly hip. It has a built-in mechanism to work with selected participants to create original music and see them through fruition to major deals,” Ashish explains. “We will be creating music and video assets across countries in the process. The show has a very unique form of evaluation. The winners will all end up with a bouquet of deals to further their careers.” Auditions are currently open. Artists can audition by sharing a link on The Global Ikon website to their performances on services like YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud. The Global Ikon is not only open to just performers but also to producers and songwriters who will be able to work with the artists on the show and showcase their talent.

The Global Ikon is the first-ever global English music reality show.

The Global Ikon is the beginning of something even greater. Ashish and his team will be launching an audio-visual and live product as part of the vision for the show. The Global Ikon team has also partnered with Soulidifly Productions to help with the sizzle. In addition to a new live product, Ashish’s record labels under Boon Castle Media & Entertainment will be releasing new music from its artists and associates. “Some really cool talent and music are coming your way very soon,” he says. With that being said, it is clear the world will be getting its next global star very soon.

To learn more about The Global Ikon, visit their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.