Myles Brown’s Visual Album Saves Lives 

Myles Brown’s Visual Album Saves Lives 

Photo by Kyle Simon

“The project is my source of healing.” 

Myles Brown’s visual album Journey is a personal project with the intent to heal. After his best friend, John Lodge Fergusson, committed suicide, Myles found expressing himself creatively was a positive way to navigate through the grieving process. Myles’ grieving process serves as the inspiration behind Journey.

Photo by Cameron Hicks aka “Cam The Shooter”

Expressed through beautiful cinematography, poetry, rap, dance, and song, Myles has created an emotional and uplifting dedication to his best friend. “The music videos in Journey are optic mechanisms used to illustrate the narrative throughout each song,” Myles explains. “As I navigate the different spaces in Richmond, I realize that introspection is necessary to reach a sense of closure. The project is my source of healing and has served a similar purpose in the lives of others who have viewed the film.” This past June, Myles screened Journey at the Richmond International Film Festival in Richmond, Virginia, to positive acclaim.

Stills from Myles Brown’s visual album Journey. Courtesy of Myles Brown.

During the last few months, Myles has been busy working with many of Richmond’s cultural staples. He is the owner of the production company MYLO Video Productions. He collaborated with Maymont Park on an orientation video that involved drone footage and an artistic interpretation of the green spaces within the park, worked with Chamber RVA on their RVA Now program, and is working on a YouTube series called Buffet RVA. “I explore the subcultures of Richmond and provide promotional videos for different programs and nonprofits spreading positivity in the community,” Myles says. Calling Richmond his home, Myles will continue to share his life experiences through the mediums of music and film while showing the beauty of the city that raised him. 

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