Lola! Love

Lola! Love

Lola! Love was born in the Bronx. She graduated from Hofstra University and is a licensed speech and language pathologist. She taught in the New York City public schools in grades K-12 as a speech therapist. She was also a language coordinator and director of an early language intervention program for parents, teachers, and principals. If that wasn’t enough, she is a certified “law of attraction” life coach, speech coach, Reiki master, and entertainment consultant! She even toured the world with James Brown as one of his personal dancers! With over 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry as an actress, choreographer, talent manager, music producer, A&R director and recording artist, Lola! Love has paid her dues.

Lola! Love is different from most life coaches. She is a “high energy” life coach. The exclamation point in her name represents her positive nature and the smiles and excitement people can’t help but show when they meet her. She teaches that the negative energy you extrude out into the world is preventing you from genuine human connection and Lola! wants to realign your energy levels. Her book, Sweet Tips from Lola!’s Lips: Fifty-Two Ways to Raise Your Vibration and Live the Life You Choose, encourages readers to use laughter to raise their “vibrational energy,” becoming clutter-free, choosing your words wisely to those around you and the importance of setting realistic goals in your life. In summary, Lola! wants you to live your best life. “In order for you to do better, you must feel better,” she says. Those in her coaching program must be one with themselves. When they follow the universal laws that she teaches, they are capable and ready to go after everything they want.

Lola! Love’s quote stresses the importance of self-belief and care. With the ability to channel high energy from within, we all have the power to move mountains.

To learn about Lola! Love, you can visit her website, www.lhbconsultcoach.com.